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This week’s test in ahimsa

20 April 2011

Sometimes I just want to punch my yoga teacher in the nose.

I know that isn’t very yogic of me, but it’s true.

We’ve got a good rapport, but even though I’ve been practicing with her for over two years now, she thinks my name is Brownie, no matter how many times I’ve corrected her.

Ok, that’s not so worthy of a nose punch.  Maybe just a roll of the eyes.

She also like to  mock me when I don’t understand what she is saying in Korean.  Sure I’ve been here for two years and barely have the capacity to speak as a 3 year old, but she gabs a mile a minute and when I tell her “몰라?!” she says, “Yoo no unda-standuh?” and then turns to everyone else to make fun of me in Korean.  Which, I should tell her, I DO UNDERSTAND.

That usually gets a fake giggle and turn of the head from me.

But, the times I have to physically restrain myself from punching her square in the face, come from her adjustments.  Generally, I silently beg a yoga teacher to come and adjust me, but with her, I pray she stays away.  Hers aren’t the gentle guiding adjustments that help me get into a pose deeper, they are pokey and prodding and 99% of the time push me out of the pose entirely. She’ll push my knee straight, pull my shoulders back, twist my leg around and leave me to fall to the ground.

And, yesterday, when we were practicing our uddiyana bandha:

My bandha wasn’t locked as far up as she’d like so she took her jabby little fingers and started poking at my abdominal.  She was so rough that I stood up, slapped her hand away and gave her a glare.

“Yoo no unda-standuh?” she asked.

I wanted to share with her some of the words my students have taught me like “씨발” and “젠장” but took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and exhaled all the anger from my body.

Who knows what will happen next time though.

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