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Odd one

29 April 2011

This morning while having tea and crumpets with colleagues in the upstairs office, a teacher brought in a student who was late to school and thus late for his mid-term exams.  The teacher asked our Korean-co to watch over him as he sat in the office and took the test while we blabbed and ate and drank merrily.

Poor thing.  First off, he was just a little grease ball.  Korean-co asked him if he bathed this morning and he shyly answered he had.

Little dude has some problems in school.  Basically, he hates it.  Pretty sure he doesn’t have the best home life.   He and his sister are always late, stone silent, and shy as can be.  No one likes to sit next to them in class because they are a bit stinky and completely awkward.

Korean-co told us how one day she noticed that his sister had CD’s tucked into her clothing.  I had no idea what she meant and she further explained that everyday these kids are sent to school with CDs attached within the several layers of clothing they wear.  She made lil dude get up from his test and come over to her so she could peel back some of his shirts to show us a CD over his left chest and right back.

It was soooo odd.  She asked what it was for and he quietly answered, “I don’t know.”

As we sat and talked about everything while this poor kid tried to tune us out I watched him fumble with the pencil and eraser and paper as he tried to stay focused on the test and not with picking his eraser to pieces.  I wanted to kidnap him right then, take him home throw him in the bath and let him run around a play without a care in the world…or the haunting thought of aliens coming to get him without the CDs attached as is Korean-co’s assessment of the situation.

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