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Not soy good

2 May 2011

It has been over a year since I started my meat free diet.  I love it, by the way.

So, recently, I’ve decided to make my way to an entirely animal product free diet.  No eggs, no milk, no yogurt, no CHEESE, omg.  In other words, approaching veganism.  I am taking this step slowly as I find

I wasn’t about to throw away food I already have, instead I decided to phase things out.  Finish the eggs I have and not buy any more.  Stop visiting P-bags and buying delicious pastries on my way home from work.  Replace my milk obsession with soy milk…

Which probably makes my first decision in this process the worst one.  The milk switch.

First off, have you ever had soy milk?  It’s brownish in color and smells kinda nast.  It scares me, so I started implementing it slowly by throwing it in my coffee and smoothies instead of milk and yogurt.  No prob.  Not bad.

Then, I thought, I’ll pour it on some cereal.  Meh.  Not good, but doable.

Then, I thought, I’ll cook with it!  I still have butter and cheese to get gone so I decided to make a cream sauce for pasta.  With soy milk.   A helpful hint for those of you deciding to do the same:


So not good.

I suppose there is a smarter way to go about what I am trying to do instead of jumping in head first.  Like, maybe I should read some stuff on the internets about cooking and nutrition and substitutes and stuff by folks who have experience on the vegan road.

But, it’s much more fun to make lumpy, brown, cream sauce that is not even vegan once the cheese and butter is added, than read about all this crap.

I’ll keep you updated in case you want any advice of how not to do it.

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