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Expat Apartment Project

7 June 2011

Besides her work as director of Speakeasy, photographer of Seoul Sub-urban, tapping, photogging, blogging, acting in Korean commercials, being a model for hair stylists…oh and that teaching thing she’s here for originally, Liz is working on a project whereby she invades people’s privacy in their own homes/apartments here in Korea and makes them act all normal while she creeps behind their trash can or peeps over the edge of their bed or noses in their closets all for the perfect shot for which she plans to put into an art exhibit later this summer.

Yes, that was all one sentence.

If you don’t get it,  go here.  I was her model for a night.  Or rather, my apartment was.


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  1. 16 June 2011 1:14 pm

    I’m so creepy! You were totally unphased by it though. The perfect model :)

    Now I’m going to fill out a buncha stuff so you can see I commented. (I had to block off five minutes to comment to you today. finally. hehehe) Furthermore, I don’t know why the gravatar is the wordpress one and not the blogger one.

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