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14 June 2011

A group of boys were loitering in the bathroom today.  The bathroom doors here are clear so you can see right through.  I thought this weird when I first got here.  I felt pervy when I walked by and could see the boys using the urinals.  But, I soon believed the reason for these glass doors was to keep kids from doing stupid shit.

The bathrooms in the English Center are straight across from my office.  Used mainly by us and the librarians, kids often congregate here because they THINK can get away with more because there are less teachers.  I’ve spied them hoisting each other up to climb OVER the stall doors (for no explainable reason).  I’ve stopped them from their disgusting spitting water fights.  And, today I intervined while about 10 of them started a mini Fight Club.

Not 10 minutes later when I went to fill my water bottle, I heard sobs coming from the bathroom.  Two boys were hovering over the sink.  I opened the door and asked what was going on.  One of them I’ve taught before…WHAT AN ARSEHOLE…said in Korean, “Nothing Teacher.  Just washing our faces.” But, I go in further and see the other kid is in fact crying while the arsey kid is trying to cover it up.

This happens far too often here.  Kids fighting and bullying and not many teachers do anything about it.  I am always crime fighting in the hallways, and so today, I went to get some translation help.

TURNS OUT, the arsey kid has been bullying the crying kid for 2 years now over a matter of about $0.30.  YEAH, 30 cents!  They were friends for a day and went to a PC Bang together and the arsey kid paid the 30 cents to get in and has since been telling this kid he owes him money PLUS interest!

When asked by a Korean teacher how much he thinks he is owed, in all seriousness, the arsey kid says, “70,000W” or roughly $70!

That’s one hell of an interest rate.

Well, this poor crying kid has been SO scared of the arse that he’s actually been paying him and has paid him thus far almost $30!!!  On a 30 cent day of video games!!!

After we relieved the crying kid from his hyperventilating sobs and sent them both on their way, I asked what would happen. No surprise, the answer was ‘nothing.’




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