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One Month

2 February 2012

In the next month I have to sort myself, my apartment and my emotions for departure from this part of my life.

Sorting myself means preparing all documents and supplies for my upcoming trip. This is fairly easy (at the moment) for I am a pretty laid back traveler and ultra organized. I’ve already got docs and visas and flights nicely organized in a folder prepared for my first month of traveling. Well done me.

Sorting my apartment means divvying four years worth of stuff into piles of things I send home, things I take with me, things I give away and things I throw away. I.hate.packing. This will be the most annoying. I’ve slowly started with various corners of my tiny apartment that somehow filled itself with countless things. For example, change. I have coins from all over Asia in glasses, jars and tins. I sorted it and took it to the bank and posted over $100! That’s like a week in Cambodia!

Sorting my emotions will come later. I’m ok for now. I have slight emotional fluctuations. Yesterday I was so in love with EVERYONE. I was hugging and giggly and and jumpy for no reason whatsoever. My non-huggy, non-touchy Korean colleagues were a bit taken back. Ha! Wait until the last week of Feb. I’ll probably be a hot emotional mess of tears, laughs and anxieties.

Anyway. One month. This is where I am at today. Thursday. One of the coldest days of this winter.

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