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Bad dreams: a first world problem

8 February 2012

Wanna hear about the dream I had last night?

Of course you don’t.  Listening to other folks’ dreams is mind-numbing and boring. But, I get to type whatever nonsense I want here so today it’s my dream and an extra bonus will be my interpretation of it.

So, in this dream, I’m on a beach. The weather is nice, there are loads of people around and I am staying in this excellent beach front villa. I’m traveling alone though so it’s kinda quiet. Then, all of a sudden this decent looking fellow comes into my villa like he owns the place. I’m ok with it because he is so pretty and while we are chatting all of his friends come in. Beautiful girls, handsome boys.

(Sorry, but it’s not that kind of dream.)

So, as I’m talking to one dude, I notice another is STEALING of all things my electronic wine bottle opener! I quickly excuse myself and catch this guy as he’s slipping out the back door and ask him to return my opener. He gives me a hand-operated opener instead. I take it and yell at him to give me the electronic one. He then hands me my spatula.

I continue to ask him and he continues to hand me various kitchen utensils and appliances but not the electronic opener. I’m getting pissed and turn around for some kinda help and notice some girls taking my make-up bag out the front door.  So, I run after them.

I yell at them to return my things and turn back around to see other folks taking my pillows out the back door.

Pretty soon, my villa is hemorrhaging with these ingrates stealing all my things while I am getting dizzy from running back and forth unsuccessfully trying to stop them all. I think to myself “I’m gonna call the cops!” but then I realize I am in a different country and don’t know if the emergency number is 911 or 119 or 150 or what?

Then I wake up.

(I checked on my wine opener. It was hanging safe and sound in it’s proper spot.)

I’ve been dreaming a lot about my upcoming travels. Pretty sure this brings some light to some of my hopes/anxieties:

-I hope I meet lots ‘o peeps.

-I hope one of those peeps is a hot dude.

-I am anxious about things that might go wrong as I travel alone. Or that I’ll lose something of “value” during my travels. (I’ve just bought some travel insurance, so that might ease the dreams tonight).

-And most importantly, I have a troubling attachment to my kitchen utensils.

There’s my ramble for the day. Be gone.


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