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You’re doing it wrong

10 February 2012

I bought a box yesterday to package stuffs to send home.

It’s big enough to fit about 2 scarves and a pair of shoes.

I’m going to need about 20 more of those.


I decided to clean out my fridge 10 minutes before I left for work this morning.

All that’s left in it is a carton of milk and some garlic.

Apparently, I’m done cooking for the next 3 weeks.


Some jerk handed me my tax forms today informing me they are taking about a third of my paycheck. My FINAL paycheck.

I totally resent the messenger on this one.


I gave away half my books, sent home the other half.

Be on the lookout, Meg. I sent them to you.

Unfortunately, now I’ve nothing to read.


I thought today was Thursday.

It’s Friday.

That’s the only ‘smart’ thing I’ve done this week.


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