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16 February 2012

Today was 6th grade graduation. The ceremony consisted of pushy parents trying to get the perfect picture of their graduates; grandparents holding fake lighted flowers bought just outside school gates; restless younger siblings running around the gym; bbbbbbbbored teachers listening to the endless names and speeches; 5th graders ready to take over the school; and of course, the graduates themselves.

I didn’t teach 6th grade this year so I didn’t really care much. I barely knew those kids when they were back in 4th grade but haven’t seen them much since then.

(It was a grade that included THIS kid. How many times can I link back to this story???)

While saying goodbye to them was easy, it was my beautiful, precious ‘lil 3rd graders that got me today.

I escaped before graduation to pop in each classroom and say a quick goodbye before they headed off for the next 2 weeks for spring break. I walked into the first classroom and the kids were all over the place getting ready to go, but the instant I walk in I hear “LOLLLLIPOP!” and they all come to attention and some come up to me and grab an arm or my sweater as I explain to their teacher what I am doing here.  I then speak to the class, “Hi monkeys! …I…uh…just wanted to say…goodbye….I’m leaving Korea….” and BAM. Tears. My tears. Then  a billion little questions. Then a translation from the teacher for clarification and then BAM. Tears. Mine and theirs!

I quickly bowed out and did this TWO more times. The last class was my very favorite and as I could barely choke out a tearless “HELLO!” let alone “goodbye” when one of the lil guys with a giant head asked, “Lori Teacher- GAME OVER??”

I don’t really know what that meant but his quirky smile and enormous energy got me to giggle, got the monkeys to giggle and we got to share in the best emotion ever: laughter thru tears.

It was a sweet morning.





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  1. Kathy permalink
    17 February 2012 3:51 pm

    Lori, I seldom comment but do read every single one of your posts and love them. And love you even more for what you have given these kids. I can just imagine the tears. And the relief. And the joy anticipating what is to come. You are amazing. Daly

  2. 10 January 2013 2:48 pm

    Phil Dunphy : [after he’s seen with Gloria and are mistaken for husband and wife] At first I thought nothing of it, but then other people made the same mistake. It reminded me of my first job as a parking attendant. I remember this one time I drove an Austin-Martin. The looks I got when I drove that baby around. I’m not going to dent this one. Glen Whipple : I just thought you would be with Claire Pritchett. Phil Dunphy : You remember Claire? Glen Whipple : Oh, yeah. I used to be so jealous of you. Phil Dunphy : You were jealous of me? Glen Whipple : Sure. Claire Pritchett, with that blonde hair and those blue eyes, and that great smile… I can just picture her smiling right now. Phil Dunphy : I can. Glen Whipple : I wonder who landed her? Lucky son of a bitch. Phil Dunphy : Yeah. Lucky.

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