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Come back to me!

25 January 2012


I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I quit this and went to Tumblr and post things that only interest me so I am sure I’ve lost a lot of you over the past few months.

But, here’s a call for you to come back. I am preparing for my adventures post-Korea which begin in one month’s time. I plan to document it as much as any wireless signal along the road will give me time to! It is going to be a glorious adventure and I want to share it with you all!

So come back and check in. I’ll be better at keeping update. Not sure whether it will happen here or there, but it’ll happen. More to come soon.


New site

24 August 2011

WordPress has been annoying for me lately for reasons I am certain you don’t care to hear.

So, I am switching over to my Tumblr that I’ve posted random stuff on for awhile now. It’s easier and more accessible for me to post stuff there.

This will still be here but I’m gonna give it a go over here and see how it works for me. I’ll let you know if I switch back.


22 August 2011

No rain. Lots of sun. Total bliss.

Also, coincidentally the official last day of beach season.


Things I haven’t been doing

16 August 2011


-Cooking. I buy all these awesome veggies and breads and tofus and the decide that I want to eat sweet potato french fries or fried tofu or a raw pepper instead of actually creating an entire meal. I’ll eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner instead of cooking.

-Apparently not watering my plants. Or watering them too much. They are all slowly dying.

-Although they could be dying because they haven’t seen the sun in 2 months straight because apparently Korea now has two seasons.  Cold As Hell and Wet As Hell.

-Which means I haven’t been going to the beach.

-Which means I haven’t been getting a tan.

-Focusing. On anything. I have so much to pull together and I can’t keep my brain on one topic for over 2 minutes. This set of blogs is an anomaly. But, to be fair to my disrupted attention span, this has only taken me about 3 minutes.

-Studying Korean. I now lie about how long I’ve been living here so people don’t give me shit for speaking such shitty Korean. I’m a lazy student.

-Anything fun. I’m boring.


16 August 2011

My blog tells me this is my 555th blog post.

So in celebration, here’s one more post about nothing!


Things I’ve been doing

16 August 2011

-Eating copious amounts of cheese for no real reason.

-Crying over the Bachelor Pad (awww, Ames! I heart you!)

-Watching some pretty bad television (see above).

-Reading some pretty amazing books in place of watching bad TV.

-Witnessing middle aged women battle it out in the street. Throwing shoes. Swatting each other with umbrellas. Screaming. All the while their men raise their fists as if to hit them to make it stop. Spectators to this awesome street brawl at 8pm: 1. Me. It was awesome.

-Getting epic massages from my favorite masseuse, Mr. Choi. 90 minutes spent so good.

-Breaking all things technological. Computer: erased. External hard drive: busted. iPod: who even knows.

-Thinking that while I love Apple, it clearly doesn’t love me (see above.)

-Buying awesome baby and wedding gifts for my favorite girls back at home.

-Planning March-May 2012. China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Let me know where you want to meet me.

-Oh, and working.


27 July 2011

Aaron is on vacation for two weeks and while I ordinarily love staring at him all day long, this sweet, little thing is a welcome replacement :)

And, yes, that is the poop sign on the board behind her.  I really do have to stare at that all day long too.